Eric Trump: I Feel 'Pretty Good' Against Dem Candidates

None of the Democratic presidential candidates are “impressive,” President Donald Trump’s son Eric said Wednesday, and he feels “pretty good” about running against their records. 

“Quite frankly, they haven’t done too well,” Trump told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”  “Start immediately with how (Barack) Obama and (Joe) Biden gave $150 billion to Iran, a country that hates our guts, including flying cargo planes full of cash into Tehran.”

The candidates, he added, want to “raid Americans’ taxes…take away the healthcare, all while we fly planes full of cash over to Iran. If that is what we have to run against, I feel pretty good.”

Meanwhile, Trump said the Democratic Party is “no longer” the party of late President John F. Kennedy, as it has gotten “so radical.”

“Look at the ‘squad,'” he said. “Look at Nancy Pelosi. Look at some of the things Bill de Blasio was saying on Hannity, some of those proposals, tax everybody at 70%. That will crush the economy. Every company will leave this nation. People will have no incentive to work anymore. Literally, our economy, our markets will crater if that happens. China will run all over us. They will own America.”

He also complained

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