Ending Title 42 proves Biden’s border disaster could have been avoided

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The most anticipated day for the Biden administration’s border security crisis is upon us, and all eyes are on the southern border for all the wrong reasons. On May 11, the Title 42 public health emergency ended and, with it, the lone vestige of border enforcement coming out of this administration in the form of the approximately 50,000 illegal aliens per month that have been expelled at the border.  

For 27 months, the American people have witnessed a humanitarian and security crisis at the border on a scale never experienced in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, this is not hyperbole. This is the reality. The situation is on the verge of getting worse because, starting tomorrow, migrants will face no consequences for crossing the border unlawfully under the Biden Administration’s policies. The Biden administration knows it and so do the cartels and the migrants themselves.  

Beginning on Friday, all illegal aliens apprehended at the southern border will be put into Title 8 immigration proceedings and will be subject to “expedited removal.” Though the Biden administration makes this sound like an effective enforcement policy, it is merely an optical misdirection.  


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