Elmo 2 fire reaches houses amid extreme fire weather

Griffen Smith

ELMO — Just outside the evacuation zone for the Elmo 2 fire near Dayton, Jeremy Combs waited inside a pickup truck with his girlfriend’s daughter Amaja.

The family briefly returned to their Lake Mary Ronan home after getting evacuated on Friday, but a sudden mandatory evacuation at 3 p.m. Monday forced the family to leave the area, likely until the fire runs its course.

“We’ve had to pack up before, but we didn’t have to leave,” Amaja said as she looked through the red cloud where her home is.

In their attached trailer, some of their dogs sat in kennels, surrounded by old wooden furniture the family took before they left. 

To Amaja’s left, flames torched the treetops along Hog Heaven Ridge. Plumes of smoke from heavy timber burning completely covered the red sun. The flashing lights of emergency vehicles dotted the corridor under dusk.

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The fire was moving northbound toward Lake Mary Ronan, where the family breeds corgis and French bulldogs. The area is heavily forested, and smoke could be seen 6 miles away as Combs left his house Monday night.

While the family got the dogs

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