Elderly forced to move as nursing homes close

It’s arguable most people’s dream to age at home, surrounded by friends and family with the occasional support from a neighbor or friend. But in reality, the future will be much less comfortable for most.

Lilia Jean Cardin has been a resident at Big Horn Senior Living for about seven years, but just two weeks ago leadership at the facility announced it would close its doors over the next two to three months. All the residents will have to find new living arrangements, whether that’s moving in with family, opting for expensive assisted living rates or moving hundreds of miles away to a skilled nursing facility that has so far survived the industry’s financial crisis.

Cardin could face an out-of-county move that would make it nearly impossible for her most trusted friend, Donna Wald, to visit.

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“When ever I come in I bring her her chocolates. She’s diabetic, but she eats them and she says ‘I don’t eat a whole lot.’ Yeah I know she does,” Wald said, laughing.

Cardin is 96 years old, wheelchair bound and has issues with short-term memory. She often doesn’t recognize Wald when she comes

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