Either Bernie Is A Sexist Or Warren Is A Liar

Mark Meadows: GOP Will Appeal To Surveillance Court Over Choice To Oversee FBI Reforms

Russians Hacked Burisma: Report

College Football Fans Go Crazy For Trump And Melania At National Championship Game

Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost To Step Down

‘Wiser Than Most’: Iranian State Media Love Hyping Bernie Sanders

Report: Shepard Smith In Talks For MSNBC Primetime Slot

Left-Wing Groups Reject Bipartisan Plea For Fully Functional FEC Before 2020 Elections

Georgia Democratic Congressional Candidate Calls Trump ‘America’s #1 Domestic Terrorist’

Warren Issues Statement, Stands By Claims That Bernie Sanders Told Her A Woman Couldn’t Win

Video Appears To Show Jessica Yaniv Physically Assaulting Someone Covering The Trans Activist’s Trial

Retired Pope Benedict XVI Breaks Silence With ‘Unprecedented’ Book As Pope Francis Considers Allowing Priests To Marry

Adam Schiff Says House Won’t Subpoena Bolton Because They’re Not Trying To Out Him As A Hypocrite

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Gives Props To Trump After College Football Championship Win

CNN Cites Four Anonymous Sources With No Direct Knowledge In Order To Call Bernie Sanders Sexist

Former FBI Agent: Wray Needs To Recognize The FBI Misbehaved — Regardless Of IG’s Opinion

Top House Democrat Dodges Repeatedly When Asked One Simple Question About Ocasio-Cortez

NYT Publisher Reportedly Urges Reporters To ‘Avoid Editorializing On Social Media’ Following ‘Internal Drama’

Was Soleimani Planning An ‘Imminent’ Attack On US? Trump Says It ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’

Trump Retweets Photoshopped Photo Of Nancy Pelosi Wearing A Hijab In Front Of Iranian Flag With Chuck Schumer

Report: Coal Plants Shut Down At Second Fastest Rate On Record During Trump’s Third Year In Office

Cory Booker Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Of Michelle Carter, Convicted For Encouraging Boyfriend’s Suicide

AG Barr Pressures Apple, Says Company Needs To Provide Access To Pensacola Gunman’s Phones

Iranian Security Forces Reportedly Firing Live Ammunition At Protesters Angry With Regime

Young Gay Student Dies In Apparent Suicide After Going Viral For Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour

Media Outlets Cite Anonymous Sources To Push Conflicting Stories About Soleimani Death

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