Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in Montana [AUDIO]

As we await the US Supreme Court’s ruling in a major school choice case out of Montana, US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos weighed in from Montana.

Secretary DeVos joined us Monday morning in an exclusive interview on “Montana Talks” with Aaron Flint.

On Espinoza v Montana Department of Revenue:

We’re very hopeful that the Supreme Court does render these Blaine Amendments into the dustbin of history. It really has been the last acceptable form of bigotry…

On COVID-19 federal relief funding for schools:

Every single student was impacted, every single teacher was impacted in some way…we should be focused on ensuring that all students and all teachers have the kind of support necessary to be able to continue learning.

We also talked with Secretary DeVos about the economic impacts due to COVID-19 shutdowns and potential hits to education down the road. Click below for the full audio:

For those who aren’t familiar with the Espinoza case, we highlighted it earlier this week in anticipation of a ruling expected by the US Supreme Court:

What’s the case about? The bottom line: Montana started a scholarship program that allowed people to keep more of their own money, which could

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