EDITORIAL: Dean Cain Gets It Right: Bi Superman Isn’t Brave Or Bold – Having The Guts To Say So Is

“Lois & Clark” actor Dean Cain was absolutely correct when he said it wasn’t particularly “bold or brave” for the new Superman to identify as bisexual.

Cain made a Tuesday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends First” to discuss DC Comics and the recent announcement that Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s son – the new Superman – would come out as bisexual in an upcoming comic book. (RELATED: ‘There’s Real Evil In This World’: Dean Cain Says Bisexual Superman Hardly Qualifies As ‘Bold Or Brave’)


Cain argued that if the new Superman had come out as bisexual 20 years earlier it might have been brave – but in the current climate, with Robin being bisexual and both Supergirl and the new Captain America being gay, he said the move amounted to little more than “bandwagoning.”

And really, he was right.

Bravery suggests taking an action that might not be well-received. But among those who care about Superman’s sexuality – or would have even noticed it sans the publicity campaign surrounding it – the vast majority will likely be cheering him on.

Boldness suggests taking a firm stance outside the mainstream – and Superman’s announcement doesn’t meet the standard there either.


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