Ed Rendell to Newsmax: Some Nontraditional Infrastructure Must Stay in Bill

Some non-traditional infrastructure measures still remaining in President Joe Biden’s scaled-back bill are important and should be part of a bipartisan agreement if one is reached, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell argued on Newsmax Monday. 

“The original bill that President Biden put forward had some things that were not traditional infrastructure (such as) something for disabled people and childcare. That’s been taken out during the negotiations,” Rendell, a Democrat, said on “National Report” on Newsmax. “But there is money in there for job training because we learned during the Infrastructure work in the Obama administration in 2009 that we didn’t have enough trained people do all the work as quickly as we’d like, so that’s an important component that should stay in the bill.”

The second important part of an infrastructure bill involves how it will be funded, said Rendell, pointing out that Biden’s original plan was to raise the corporate tax from 21% to 28%. However, Biden has compromised, saying the bill will be instead funded by putting more focus on collecting taxes, and putting in a 15% tax on people with “means to pay,” he added. 

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