Eat Well & Share: Some quick springtime meals

Sally Beck

Like most Montanans, with the change of seasons, the drive to suddenly be outside and on to a million exciting seasonal opportunities leaves me with less time to fuss in the kitchen. Fortunately, food naturally lightens up in the spring, and it’s nice to have a few very quick easy-to-throw-together meals in your repertoire so that you can have something nutritious, homemade and satisfying without wasting a lot of time preparing dinner.

The following recipes can be thrown together in less than half an hour and each is packed with its own vibrant flavor combinations, so enjoy great food fast, and get outside!

Ham Sandwiches

Photo provided Ham Sandwiches

A quick sandwich takes little effort and is perfect for a light meal unto itself or as something nice to pack for a picnic. Huckleberry jam adds a nice twist, especially when paired with the mustard. 

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