Eat Well & Share: Say hello to fall comfort foods

Sally Beck

Although nobody is quite ready to say goodbye to summer and head into fall, I must confess that it’s my favorite time of year and I welcome the return of comfort foods.

This season, I’m kicking it off with a little Italian flair inspired both by fun Italian-restaurant-themed television and by Italians who had wonderful ideas passed down to them from relatives in the old country. My friend who shared the idea for Polenta & Meatballs referred to it as “peasant food,” which may be true, but it’s also my idea of heaven, and I think that you’ll agree.

In both of the following recipes (that each include instructions for a simple tomato sauce), you can substitute fresh tomatoes for canned, or if you’re in a hurry you can definitely use your favorite jarred tomato sauce and still end up with a wonderful meal. Buon appetito!

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