Eat Well & Share: Holiday season is perfect time to connect across the table

Sally Beck

The secret to enjoying the holiday season? Sharing, especially food. At Helena Food Share, we get to enjoy every aspect of sharing food, all year long.

If you think about it, sharing food is one of the most basic, wonderful, elevated gestures that we can do to connect with other people. During the holiday season, we celebrate each other with special recipes, using special ingredients to communicate our desire to treat the recipients of our efforts to something extravagant. We give food as gifts, we are more inclined to open our homes up to include our acquaintances who might not have a place at a table, and we’re often inspired to grab a few extra groceries to donate.

Sharing food is something that we do for a thousand different reasons: to communicate that we want to include you in our friend group, to introduce you to our culture, as a gesture of our esteem for you. We have special recipes for special occasions, for holidays, to reveal genders, to teach our children about our past generations through family recipes.

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