Eat Well & Share: Frugal-but-fabulous recipes for winter

Sally Beck

Sometimes the most satisfying foods are also the most economical. Meat pies are enjoyed in cuisines all over the world, many originating as a way to stretch ingredients into a cheaper but still very filling meal.

They are also a great way to use up leftover ingredients, and although I’ve only included a classic recipe for Chicken Pot Pie here, the basics are the same for any variation: make a pie crust, dice up some vegetables and/or meat, make a simple sauce, toss it all together to create a filling, and bake it. Nothing could be better.

In keeping with the frugal-but-fabulous theme, potato latkes, usually served as a traditional holiday item, make a perfect inexpensive and exquisite meal any time, especially when paired with a salad. A nice variation for your latke recipe is to vary the type of onions that you use: sliced scallions, leeks or chives lend a milder and more complex flavor.

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