Eat Well & Share: Cookies and a hot drink for the holidays

Sally Beck

While part of what I do is bake professionally for a living, I very rarely bake at home (the cobbler’s children have no shoes, apparently!) but the holiday season is the exception for me. I get very excited about creating homemade treats to gift to my nearest and dearest. I think that the holidays bring out the baker in all of us, and I’ve got a couple of my best-loved cookie recipes for you.

To set the mood for cookies, I’ve been branching out into different hot drinks that pair nicely with them, and these are a couple of my favorites. I’m very much enamored of matcha tea lattes right now, which is admittedly an acquired taste that not everyone enjoys. I think that they’re divine and are a lovely alternative to the usual coffee.

I especially like to make mine with oat or flax milk and a bit of maple syrup. To make a matcha latte, put a 2 teaspoons of matcha tea powder into a mug and whisk in your heated milk. I have a little whisk for this purpose, but

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