East Grand Forks city administrators float 8% tax levy increase

City administrators on Tuesday presented to City Council members a preliminary 2022 budget that would lean on an 8% increase in property tax revenue. City leaders are set to formally consider that levy on Tuesday, Sept. 21. In prior years, they’ve settled on 5% increases.

An 8% larger tax levy would increase the city’s property tax revenue from a budgeted $5.71 million this year to $6.17 million in 2022 — a $457,000 increase. A 5% levy increase would bring in $285,000 more than this year, according to documents supplied to council members at Tuesday’s council meeting and another one in July.

That additional money would mostly pay for projects that city staff have agreed to set aside to trim expenses in earlier budgets, such as equipment for the city’s police and public works departments and maintenance work on some parks buildings, according to City Administrator David Murphy.

“It’s always better to get it done now than later,” Murphy said. “It never gets less expensive to fix things.”

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An 8% increase to the city’s property tax levy doesn’t necessarily

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