Durham report’s shocking findings still rejected by this group, despite media lies about Hunter Biden, Trump

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We know that Donald Trump lost the last election to now-President Joe Biden. We also know that the idea that Donald Trump was a Russian asset was the creation of the FBI, the media and the Hillary Clinton campaign. And we know that the story that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russia disinformation was a cover story created in coordination with the Biden campaign and that Joe Biden unabashedly lied about it in the presidential debate. 

The media does a great job in making sure they bat down conspiracy theories about the last election’s vote count, directly rebutting it in the middle of news stories. But when it comes to these other facts, while majorities now get it correctly, large segments of the public still cling to false views, regardless of the public record.  

Last week, Special Counsel John Durham issued his report after four years of study. While the Mueller investigation found no evidence of a Trump-Russia conspiracy and the Justice Department Inspector General report found that the FBI’s spying on Trump officials crossed lines, the Durham report methodically traced the reports of Trump-Russia collusion to their sources and found them either unverified,

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