Durham report exposes media’s tyranny of lies

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Tyranny comes in many forms, including a tyranny of lies. As we soak in the damning findings of the Durham report one thing becomes crystal clear, the American news media, whether wittingly or not, has been misleading us since the moment Donald Trump became a political figure.

Beginning in 2016 the mainstream news media has swallowed every sugary dollop of supposed scandal that their deep state sources tempted them with, from pee tapes, to non-existent Trump ties to Russia, to Hunter’s laptop being disinformation, and on and on and on.

Every outlet on the left, which is most of them, amplified outright lies, like Rep. Adam Schiff baselessly claimed he had seen direct evidence of Russian collusion, or when James Comey laughably said he didn’t know if the Steele Dossier was accurate, long after he had been told of its dubious origins.

Let’s not forget Hillary Clinton, who in 2018 claimed that Donald Trump “knows he’s not a legitimate president,” that kind of talk about the 2020 election is immediately called out as a dire threat to democracy, but when Clinton said it was, you know, just like, her opinion, man.


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