Duluth's Hawk Weekend Festival set for Sept. 17-19

For the birds, the weekend roughly marks the average peak of migration for some of the most common hawks that fly over the ridge, such as broad-winged hawks.

For the people, it marks the time to gather and scan the sky for their favorite raptors.

While Hawk Ridge is still asking people to social distance and mask up, Hawk Weekend is back in 2021 with full in-person events both indoors and out.

There are events planned roughly hourly each day on the ridge — you can just show up, buy a $5 wristband and take part — and more formal sessions and events planned off-site — field trips, hikes, programs and other activities.

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And while the shadow of increasing COVID-19 cases hovers over all big events these days, Janelle Long, executive director of Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, said the all-outdoors venue makes for easy social distancing.

“There’s plenty of space to spread out,’’ Long said.

Last year, even with reduced formal events and no big groups allowed, Hawk Ridge still drew more season-long visitors during the pandemic than

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