Drew Barrymore Needs To Ease Off The Psychedelic Mushrooms

Drew Barrymore has been known for her off-beat behavior, but her posts to TikTok in recent weeks have really stunned her fans, leaving them wondering if she’s possibly on something or if she’s really this bizarre.

We don’t know if she’s actually on something, but Barrymore exhibits interesting behavior in some of her TikTok videos and seems completely lost in her own world. She seems to be oddly obsessed with being rained on and encouraged her fans to embrace the rain by heading outdoors in inclement weather.

“Whenever you can, go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity,” Barrymore said in one of her viral TikTok videos.

In that particular video, the actress appeared with absolutely no makeup on at all, and it was evident that she was drenched. Her hair was slicked back from being rained on, and her face was still covered in water. Barrymore made a series of odd facial expressions while she encouraged her fans to seize the moment and get rained on as well. (RELATED: Machine Gun Kelly Talks About Time He Showed Up With A Gun At Megan Fox’s House For An Enemy ‘That Didn’t Exist’)

Barrymore had

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