Drag show for kids proves left will risk harming children for politics

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Protests erupted over the weekend as a gay bar in Texas hosted a “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event, at which, among other things, kids tipped dancers in drag with dollars bills, mimicking the common strip club practice. Defenders of the youth themed show call it harmless fun, but it raises serious questions about whether children need to be protected from this overtly sexual entertainment. Put simply, do we have, as a society, a responsibility to protect the innocence of children? 

The notion that childhood should be a time of innocence is a relative newcomer to our culture. Eighteenth Century French writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau is generally considered the father of this movement which held that children enter the world blameless and should be protected from negative influences until they develop into fully reasonable adults.  

Among the upshots of this change were laws barring child labor and providing universal education. But today, the American left is abandoning this principle. Does it still believe that childhood should be a time of innocence? 

Recently, an article in Fatherly argued that we should bring our young children to Gay Pride events even though they may well be exposed to public

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