Dr. Marc Siegel: Top takeaways from Biden's COVID battle plan

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President Joe Biden ended his six part COVID battle plan speech Thursday evening in the opposite way from how he began it, talking about unity, about Americans coming together to defeat a common enemy, the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the bulk of his speech took the opposite tone. 

He began by touting his accomplishments in fighting the coronavirus pandemic since taking office. It was an angle that seemed ill-timed given the current delta variant scourge which has filled our hospitals in the South and West and has been infecting our children at an unprecedented rate.

And, though the president acknowledged this, he was arguably divisive rather than inclusive by continuing his finger pointing, while issuing new vaccine mandates, aimed at the 80 million eligible Americans who are still unvaccinated. 

One vaccine mandate extends to businesses of more than 100 employees, another to all federal workers, a third to all hospital workers. 


As a physician, I can certainly relate most to the latter and firmly believe all reluctant health care workers must be vaccinated immediately to protect our patients.

But when the president reached out to all primary care physicians

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