Dr. Marc Siegel: COVID prevention, treatment and cures – surprising news about where we are now

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Dr. David Oshinsky, a top medical historian at NYU Langone Health (where I am a physician), told me recently that he expects this pandemic to be most remembered not in terms of the ferocious politics that have divided us, but instead in terms of the incredible advances in biotechnology that have saved us. 

It is starting to look like he may be right.

The actual science has been astounding. Consider what we have discovered in just 18 months.

First, rapid tests have been produced that can detect the coronvirus early on even before symptoms develop.  


We still need these to be made much more widely available. 

Second, masks have been studied in large populations and have been found to have at least a modest effect at decreasing spread, but we need them to be surgical grade or better rather than the floppy cloth masks. 

Third, vaccines, though overly politicized, have been found to be very effective and safe, working by messaging cells to produce the spike proteins of the virus which then provokes our immune system to respond with an array of protective cells. The genetic signaler (Messenger RNA) is

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