Dr. Marc Siegel: Biden's COVID vaccine message – now he gets that bullying is wrong. But is it too late?

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When the Pfizer vaccine first rolled out in December, I filmed it arriving at NYU Langone Health for Fox News and a week later received it myself live on “Fox and Friends.”

I thought then that physicians would have a big impact on overcoming vaccine hesitancy for a very safe vaccine that was far more effective than we’d anticipated, but I was only partly right. In fact, it is shocking to me, looking back seven months later, to see that half the country remains unvaccinated.

I and others pushed the vaccine at every opportunity. Sticking to the two-shot regimen as I suggested made more and more sense as the variants emerged, as did vaccinating teens and everyone who was eligible.


Why haven’t we been more successful? For one thing, though I have addressed patients’ fears and concerns one on one, I haven’t had the vaccine available to me in my office to give to my patients. I think this remains an oversight, based partly on the cold chain storage issues and partly because it comes in huge sleeves of vials too big for a small medical

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