Dr. Kent Ingle: Allow coronavirus to deepen our faith, even when it derails our plans

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As president of a faith-based liberal arts university, guiding students in the midst of COVID-19 presents a difficult and unique challenge. While the semester was on its way to wrapping up, just weeks from graduation, we had to make some very difficult decisions as most schools across the globe were forced to.

The spread of the coronavirus has derailed plans for nearly everyone. It has postponed weddings and funerals, delayed graduations and celebrations. This pandemic has thrown a wrench into every simple and large plan we could typically rely on in any other season.

While there is the notion that most college students are unaware of the real dangers of this virus, spending spring break carelessly on the beach, most students are actually quite frightened of the uncertainty that this means for the future. Everything they have known to be normal and reliable is now unknown. To many students, it presents even more questions and doubts about what the future holds for them.


For all of us who profess to have our hope in Christ,

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