Downtown Missoula businesses open locations in Midtown as area grows

“What that says is Midtown is vibrant,” said Mark Bellon, president of the Missoula Midtown Association. “It says that Midtown is accommodating and it has all the amenities for a successful business community. And we have parking. That’s our tagline.”

In fact, it was a lack of parking downtown that prompted Trailhead owner Todd Frank to refurbish a giant, 14,000-square-foot warehouse on Garfield Street near the mall and turn it into Trailhead River Sports.

“I started looking as a way to expand the business when the (managers of the Holiday Inn Downtown) came over and told me they were going to gate their lot,” Frank explained.

The hotel owns all the parking spots behind the Trailhead’s downtown location. With the new ROAM Student Housing and the new Marriott Hotel opening up, the hotel decided it could no longer let its lot be used by non-customers. So, Frank was left without a place for people to load rafts and other boats. Midtown looked like an enticing option, and he bought the warehouse from the Lambros family.

He applied for and received $50,000 worth of Façade Improvement Program funding from the Missoula Redevelopment

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