Doug Schoen: Why the Democrats' debate rules are all wrong for American voters

In just two weeks time, the first set of 2020 Democratic Primary Presidential debates will begin.

If we take a simple average of the scheduled time for the two-night primetime programs on NBC, each candidate will only have about 10 minutes to communicate their ideas and debate their opponents.

Indeed, the DNC set a strict limit of 20 candidates with 65,000 donors or at least 1 percent in three polls. With a scheduled debate time of two hours, and factoring in introductions, closing statements, and commercial breaks, there is hardly enough time for candidates to engage in a high-quality issue-based debate about issues Americans are concerned about.


Further, in the second round of debates, candidates will have to secure donations from at least 130,000 individuals from 20 states and register at least two percent in four state or national polls. And so far, only four candidates have reached the 130,000 market.

The DNC has to be extraordinarily cautious about shunning candidates, not only because of the embarrassing advantages they gave to Hillary Clinton but also because there are so many candidates.

The Democratic National Committee’s continued efforts to sanction the number of

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