Don’t Want to Cook? Eight Places Open on Thanksgiving in Billings

If you’re the one cooking the turkey this year, you’d better have it thawing now. Especially if you’ve got a big bird. A 20+ pounder can take 5 – 6 days to thaw in the refrigerator. I put my 26-pound turkey in the fridge over the weekend. And this year – for once – I think I actually have the rest of our Thanksgiving feast shopping done already. Fears of shelves running out of necessary ingredients prompted my early preparation.

Not everyone will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. Perhaps it’s just the two of you and it doesn’t make sense to cook a giant bird. Or maybe you don’t feel like spending all day ruining your kitchen and making a huge mess when your guests roll into town. While most restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving (including every pizza place and Chinese restaurant I called), you do have a handful of options in Billings to let someone else do the cooking.

Avoid a gas station hot dog, and try one of these places instead.Google MapsPerkins

Good old Perkins is open until 2 pm on Thanksgiving day at both Billings locations. Don’t forget to order a slice of their famous pies. Or maybe grab an entire pie to-go?

Credit: Michael Foth Townsquare

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