Don't Let Idiots Ru(i)n the Economy

If your child needed an appendectomy, would you let President Joe Biden do the surgery?

How about Vice President Kamala Harris? Majority Leader Chuck Schumer? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Bernie Sanders? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Barack Obama?

The answer, unless you’re depraved or some tragedy has rendered you incapable of rational thought, is obvious: “No.” Why? Because they’re not qualified.

The human body is a complex organism that consists of hundreds of equally complex systems. Performing surgery — even a relatively simple procedure such as an appendectomy — requires extensive education, very specific skills and expertise. If we allow anyone without that training and experience to perform surgery, the patient will likely die.

Let me point out something else that should be obvious: The United States’ economy is even more complex than a single human body. It is the largest economy in the world, with a gross domestic product of more than $22 trillion. There are more than 30 million firms in this country, ranging in size from a single owner to 2.2 million employees. As of 2019, the U.S. economy employed more than 157 million people across hundreds of industries. It meets the needs and supports the day-to-day lives of not only the

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