Don’t Fly Migrants to Sanctuary Cities, Ship Them In

So the Über-Liberals of Martha’s Vineyard are getting a tiny, tiny taste of what Texas and Arizona endure every hour, of every day, for months on end, with no end in sight. What a wonderful glimpse for all the world to see: how an ultra-wealthy, sparsely populated island, in a virtual sanctuary state, handles an exceedingly thin fraction of border-crossing illegal immigrants, yearning to be free!

All those yard signs, all that virtue-signaling, and it adds up to what? Gross hypocrisy. Then the blame game starts. DeSantis and Abbott… they are simply evil men, using the poor as political pawns. How do we know? The liberal press is blasting out this message today via bullhorns. 

As any thinking person knows, however, the real blame lies in Washington, DC thanks to the lax administration of Joe Biden, his lackey Kamala Harris, and the super-incompetent Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

More Bang for the Buck

Apparently Governor DeSantis had to pay handsomely to fly the 50 “exploited souls” to Martha’s Vineyard. However, here is a solution for sending even more, at a far lower cost per person. Buy one of the many cruise ship for sale from the cruise companies

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