Don't confuse good teachers with teachers unions

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Ever since the Chicago Teachers Union announced that its teachers “decided” not to go back to school for in-person learning, I’ve been hearing and reading about teachers being called “lazy” and “unprofessional losers,” among other names that can’t be printed.

Even now, as the union and Chicago Public Schools agreed to allow students back in school Wednesday, let’s not confuse good teachers with teachers unions.


Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey speaks ahead of a car caravan where teachers and supporters gathered to demand a safe and equitable return to in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in Chicago, Illinois on Dec. 12, 2020.  ((Max Herman/NurPhoto via Getty Images))

When I heard the news about CTU, my head nearly exploded. I couldn’t believe we were headed down this road again after seeing what online “learning” did to our precious babies last time unions locked kids out of their schools. We are seeing now that our kids are behind, below grade level and suffering socially and emotionally from the debacle union bosses and their complicit school administrator cronies put them through for the last two

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