Does IRS Still Snoop on Your Emails Without a Warrant? Taxpayers Deserve a Firm Answer


Posted: Sep 21, 2022 12:01 AM

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Now that President Biden and congressional Democrats have shoveled $80 billion in additional spending to supersize the IRS, scrutiny of the agency is more important than ever. One unresolved question is whether or not the IRS gains access to your emails without a warrant.

The IRS has an abysmal record on privacy. Some of its privacy violations appear to be intentional while others seem to stem from incompetence. In the most recent incident, the IRS said it accidentally published the confidential data of over 120,000 taxpayers and left it on its website for months

The IRS and Biden Treasury Department have left the public in the dark regarding a supposed investigation into the theft and leak of thousands of high-income returns spanning a period of 15 years. The breadth of the theft means it is plausible the thief has comprehensive, top-to-bottom access to every Americans’ private tax information.

The private taxpayer files were presented on a platter to the progressive organization ProPublica well over

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