Does Iranian President Raisi Believe in Santa Claus?

In a recent interview with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi for 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl asked Raisi if he believed the Holocaust took place.

His response was a form of denial in that he certainly did not affirm the Holocaust happened, and the murder of six million Jews took place. But he suggested that if it really happened, facts should be opened up to prove it. “Historical events should be researched by researchers, historians,” Professor Raisi noted. “There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched.” 

Either the man is tremendously ignorant, or evil. Although in this case, I would argue that he is both.  Of course, he did not note who the “they” are that are allegedly preventing the Holocaust from being “investigated and researched.”  Nor did Leslie Stahl ask. We’re left to assume that it’s the Big and/or Little Satan, i.e.: the US and Israel, or the West in general, that are preventing true investigation and research.  Maybe, it’s Santa and the reindeer. 

It’s curious why Leslie Stahl asked him the question anyway, if not to make headlines, rather than actually dig into the hateful and evil nature of the Iranian

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