Does ATF’s Out of Business Records Center Pass a Cost/Benefit Analysis?


Posted: May 03, 2022 9:41 AM

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The Final Rule published by the Biden administration to redefine frames and receivers contains a provision that requires firearm retailers to maintain records in perpetuity. It’s a requirement that doesn’t make sense since it doesn’t contribute to public safety and wastes tax dollars that could be better spent on stopping crime.

Congress has passed several laws, including the 1986 Firearm Owner Protection Act, to protect gun owners’ privacy by making it illegal for the federal government to maintain a registry of gun owners. The reasoning is simple. The government would be unable to confiscate personally-owned firearms if they don’t know who owns guns. History teaches us that national registration is a precursor to gun confiscation.

Currently, firearm retailers are required to maintain firearm transaction forms, commonly called Form 4473s, for 20 years. After that time, licensed retailers can purge these old records. If a firearm retailer goes out of business, all their business records, including Form 4473s, must be submitted to the Bureau

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