Documentary looks at life of James Hill and Great Northern Railway

Phil Drake

A four-episode documentary on The Great Northern Railway will be released Sept. 30, telling the story of the man who built it.

“The Empire Builder: James J. Hill and The Great Northern Railway” was 21 years in the making, its creators from Great Northern Filmworks said.

It was produced and directed by Stephen Sadis and Kyle Kegley.

The documentary captures the life of someone Sadis and Kegley describe as one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs. Hill County in Montana, where the Empire Builder, now operated by Amtrak, rolls through, bears his name.

The film took a few twists and turns.

Filmmaker Stephen Sadis spent 21 years on the documentary project.

Courtesy Stephen Sadis

“It started with the idea of being a drama about an unscrupulous robber baron and turned into admiration of someone with incredible integrity,” Sadis said.

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