Documentary brings stories of four Montana women to life

Shedding light on women who were instrumental in Montana’s history is the goal behind a new documentary that made its Bozeman premiere Wednesday.

“The Story of Us: The Women Who Shaped Montana,” is a 40-minute documentary diving into the lives of four Montana women: Sarah Bickford, Rose Hum Lee, Maggie Smith Hathaway, and Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail.

The Bozeman-based Extreme History Project helped produce the film, as did North by Northwest. After a screening at the Museum of the Rockies Wednesday, producer Kimberly Hogberg, state Sen. Diane Sands and Crystal Alegria with the Extreme History Project discussed the film.

Hogberg said she hopes the documentary piques people’s interest in the four women’s stories and encourages them to learn more.

“There’s so many incredible historical stories that are just untold and we should really try to seek them out, and I think that was really the idea was trying to bring some of these stories to life,” Hogberg said after the screening.

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Sarah Bickford was a black woman who was born into slavery and eventually made her way out to Virginia City. She eventually became the owner of the city’s water utility.


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