Do You Still Buy From Businesses You Don’t Like or Agree With?

As most of you know we are getting ready for our annual Flakes trip. I’m already starting to get some things together and I needed a pair of water shoes.

My shoe aficionado (Mark, of course) told me to go to Amazon. Instantly, a nice pair of water shoes came up for just $13.99. Can’t beat that price.

The problem I have with buying stuff like that can sometimes be that I really don’t like the owner of the company.

So here’s the question, does the business or owner of a company affect your purchase decision? I guess for me sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

I remember the year that they caught a guy shoplifting at Best Buy in 2011. One of the employees ran outside and caught the guy and held him till police arrived. Well, rather than being acknowledged for his efforts to stop a crime in motion, Best Buy fired the guy for breaking store policy on how to deal with shoplifters. That was many many years ago, but to this day I have not returned to Best Buy.

Credit: Google

I remember when General Motors got $68 million in government bailout years ago and then gave Tom Brady a free corvette for

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