Diversity, Inclusion And Equity (DIE) On Martha’s Vineyard

I know, the little fascists on the left always write it “diversity, equity and inclusion” expressly so it is not DIE, but DEI does not accurately reflect what this goose-stepping goon squad needs to do, so to hell with what they want.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the double standards and double-speak the left now simply marinates in. I’m done with their race-obsessed hatred and manipulation. Divide to conquer works, generally on dumb people, but when you’ve controlled the education system in major cities across the country for generations you’d stopped educating and turned those schools into moron factories.

Either that of eating lead paint chips was a pastime with a wider swath of the country than anyone thought in the 1970s and beyond.

Whatever the case, eating lead paint chips was never an issue on Martha’s Vineyard, as anyone with a good case of blue-blooded inbred hemophilia can tell you, a delicate semi-gloss latex better compliments the taste of caviar. And no one impacted by lead paint has been able to afford to stay on the island since before the Earth cooled, which is the polite way of saying a couple years after Nancy Pelosi was

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