Differing Agencies – Who and What are we to believe about Masks?

Missoula has had a front row seat while two powerful agencies, the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, along with the governor’s office and the Missoula City-County Health Department present vastly different arguments about children wearing masks in school.

The obvious question is ‘Which agency should we believe?’

KGVO presented that question to Missoula Health Officer D’Shane Barnett on Monday.

“I would never tell somebody what to believe,” said Barnett. “What I would do is provide them with the best information possible. The Montana Nurses Association, what they did and what we’ve done at the Missoula City County Health Department is go to the best science available when it comes to masking and when it comes to vaccines. People can choose to believe that or not, but what we’re going to put out there is the absolute best evidence available, and then let people make up their minds from there.”

Barnett said the DPHHS and governor office’s rule is not based on the ‘best possible evidence’.

“What was really unfortunate was that the DPHHS in their rule that they put out, which really isn’t a rule, but was more of a recommendation, they did not put out the best evidence available,” he said. “The

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