Did You See It? Angelina Plays Montana Smokejumper in 2021 Film

At my house, choosing what to watch on family movie night can easily take 30 minutes. The process usually involves scrolling through Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Redbox, etc., and watching all the trailers, trying to pick a film that everyone agrees on. It can be a challenge. Over the weekend we stumbled upon Angelina Jolie’s fairly recent movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead. It turned out to be a good choice.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThe majority of the film’s story is set in Montana.

Released in May 2021 on HBO Max, the movie features Jolie as a tragedy-scarred smokejumper dealing with personal demons. Her character does very little actual smokejumping in the movie. Disciplinary action for a wild stunt involving a parachute and a pickup truck (think hooky-bobbing) causes her to be relegated to fire watchtower duty on top of a ridge in Montana.

A potentially boring plot quickly turns exciting as bad guys end up chasing after a young boy into the mountains of Montana. In the process, they intentionally start a forest fire and promise to kill anyone who attempts to get in their way as they hunt down the child.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesSpot the Montana references in the film.

It’s always fun to

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