Did You Harvest A Montana Buck? Waste Not Want Not.

Montana Hunting Season is here and if you are headed to your favorite spot, it is a good time to think about what you want to do once you harvest that trophy Buck, Bull, or Gobbler. When hunting, as the experienced know, it is just as important to use the meat that you take as it is scouting, tracking, and taking the animal.   “Waste Not Want Not” are words to live by when hunting game.  What do you do with all of the meat?  Here are some solutions for proper use.

Donate Your Game Through the Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN)

It is really easy to donate your wild game to those in need.  Find a participating processor and they will take it, process it into hamburger, freeze it, and donate it to the closest food bank or food pantry closest to their location.  If venison is not your taste, give it to those in need.  Hunters can also donate money to the program by checking a box on their tag application.  For a list of participating processors click here.

Give Your Meat to Friends and Family

Not all Montanans like the taste of the wild game, but usually, in a group, there are

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