Did The CIA Really Kill JFK?

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Joe Rogan that CIA involvement in his uncle President John F. Kennedy’s murder was “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

As he tells it, JFK was “at war” with the military-industrial complex throughout his presidency after realizing the CIA tried to “trick him” into invading Cuba. “Everyone around him” supported a more militaristic Cold War approach. In 1963, he signed a national security order scaling down U.S. troop presence in Vietnam, “and a month later he was killed.”

Two minutes of RFK Jr on the military industrial complex, the CIA, regime change wars, and what really killed his Uncle JFK. pic.twitter.com/YqJwenMcr4

— The Redheaded libertarian (@TRHLofficial) June 19, 2023

NOTHING TO SEE HERE: RFK Jr. Says the CIA Killed JFK and it’s proved “Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt”…pic.twitter.com/Oo6DhDZaGk

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) May 12, 2023

Americans have long doubted the established Warren Commission narrative that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in Kennedy’s assassination. But with the media’s now-glaring record and the blatant corruption of Trump-era intelligence agencies, it is worth examining the evidence against the state-approved story.

In defense of his claim, RFK references the “overwhelming” evidence from historian James W. Douglass‘ book “JFK and

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