Dickinson's city website will receive new look

For the first time this year, the City of Dickinson held its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday at City Hall — which will soon be relocated later this month to the new location at the former American Bank Center building. Meyer noted that the city’s website is scheduled to go live anywhere between mid to late January.

“Your new homepage is very search oriented. We did away with a lot of the menu system to simplify it for our citizens as well as bring that information out on what’s more used,” Meyer said, adding, “We also designed (it as) more portal-based. So for instance, the government portal — (which) I just have a small snapshot of each of these pages — focuses on elected officials, but also focuses on city code, the uncodified ordinances, news related to government function.”

Meyer noted that the website designers also took the city’s Meetings and Minutes page and simplified it by having all of the various boards on the main menu page and organized each item accordingly. The new website eliminated some of the Microsoft OneNote files that were confusing to some residents. Instead, the current agenda is now laid out in PDF

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