Dia de Muertos lights up Missoula

Last Thursday, Nov. 2, the alley between West Main and Front Street in downtown Missoula was lit by the mesmerizing orange, yellow, red and purple tones of Día de Muertos. 

The sounds of classical Mexican and Latin American folk music rang through the alley behind the Confluence Center as hundreds of people came together to admire and learn about the cultural practices of a traditional Day of the Dead ofrenda.

Sarah Holden embraces her daughter, Maple, in front of a photo of Nick Holden, Sarah’s husband, which they placed at the Día de Muertos ofrenda (altar) behind the Confluence Center during Day of the Dead festivities in downtown Missoula. Sarah and Maple brought a photo of Nick, who recently passed away, as a way to remember his life. 


The altar and other festive events were part of a multi-day celebration inspired by Día de Muertos held by the Headwaters Foundation with cultural input and organizational efforts from the Missoula Latino and Hispanic community. 

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an ancient Indigenous Mexican multi-day cultural holiday celebrated

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