Destroying Democracy the Democratic Way

Even prior to his first day in office, Donald Trump was labeled a threat to democracy, an absurd Orwellian claim that continued throughout his four years.  What democracy threat?  Were there no continuing elections–national, state, and local–during those years?  Of course there were.  And our democracy has two other branches of government—Congress and the judiciary.  The House declared war on Trump almost from day one.  But the alleged tyrant could not stop the endless investigations.  Maxine Waters urged Americans to harass Trump people whenever they can—and they did.  And while Trump was able to make important appointments, the judiciary ruled against the President innumerable times.  So where was democracy being destroyed?  The allegation had no reality, except in the minds of blood-seeking politicians and a vicious media.      

Of course, there was some truth to the ‘democracy destruction’ claim.  Our allegedly apolitical government bureaucracy, led by the FBI, became covert political activists.  Somewhat akin to the Nazi Gestapo or Soviet secret police, one presidential candidate was spied on.  The Comey-led FBI, with the likes of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and others did all it could to undermine Trump.  In June, 2020, Rod Rosenstein acknowledged that there were

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