Despite a bit of spitting, name calling, parents will keep bringing kids to Drag Queen Story Hours

(Provided by them, via a promotional site for Tall Tales with True Queens, a short film about the story hour.

Brittney Arnold was driving up the gravel road to ZooMT for the Drag Queen Story Hour event in Billings with her 11 year-old daughter and three friends in her Dodge Nitro when a wad of spit blotched the passenger side front window. 

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Picketers tried to block the driveway leading to the zoo with signs, some reading “groomer walk of shame” and calling people names. 

Arnold, daughter of 406 Pride President Walt Donges, said she didn’t hesitate to bring the kids to the event, even in light of protestors. 

“[The picketers] told me I was gonna go to hell a couple times,” Arnold said. “I said, ‘Well as long as you’re not there, I guess I’ll be alright.’”

There has been an uptick of threats towards LGBTQ+ centric events nationwide, according to a report from the Washington Post, but parents in Montana said they are going to keep bringing their children to Drag Queen Story Hours, especially in light of the success of the events from this past summer.

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