DeSantis takes aim at Trump on immigration

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis moved on Monday to undercut Donald Trump on immigration, casting the former president as ineffectual on the issue that helped propel him to the White House in 2016. He depicted President Joe Biden as even worse.

In his first major policy proposal as a presidential candidate, DeSantis called for an end to “catch and release” — a practice of discharging undocumented migrants into their American homes while they await court hearings. He called for asylum seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border to be blocked entry while their claims are processed. And he said, as Trump has previously, that children born in the United States to parents living here illegally should no longer be granted citizenship, a proposal that stands to face significant legal challenges.

But DeSantis also specifically criticized Trump on his signature policy issue from 2016, an unfinished U.S.-Mexico border wall, saying that if elected, he would complete it.

Ahead of a speech on Monday delivered from the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, the Florida governor viewed the southern border from a helicopter with a Fox News reporter and later criticized the porous nature of Trump’s wall.

“I was in Arizona the other

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