DeSantis’ education victories in Florida create a roadmap for election success

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Politicos will be sifting through the results of the midterm election for months to come. I’m far from a pundit, but I am a parent, and one thing is clear: the war on America’s children is the central policy issue of our time. Voters rewarded Republicans who fought to protect children and families, and they are the new generation of leadership our country needs. 

In my home state of Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis won a narrow victory of 30,000 votes four years ago. But that was before the COVID-19 lockdowns turned America’s schools into a political battleground. DeSantis made protecting Florida’s children and families a core part of his policy platform and political appeal.  

Concerned parents came out in droves to support DeSantis, despite the media’s relentless efforts to paint him as a monster, because he went on offense to protect kids in schools. He won re-election with the largest margin in 40 years, broadening his demographic and socioeconomic appeal, and never backing down from his advocacy for the rights of parents and communities to have the final say in their children’s education. Latino voters, who care deeply about this issue, backed him by

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