DeSantis backs Tuberville on military holds, denounces Pentagon abortion policy

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis backed Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s months-long blockade on military nominations on Thursday, saying that the Pentagon’s abortion policy would “go out the window” if he wins the presidency.

“They are using tax dollars. They’re funding abortion tourism, which is not an appropriate thing for the military to be doing,” DeSantis told radio host Hugh Hewitt, answering “No, I don’t” when asked if he thinks Tuberville should relent. “Day one as commander-in-chief, that policy will go out the window.”

Tuberville has blocked consideration of more than 200 stalled military promotions, demanding that the Pentagon overturn its policy of providing paid leave to service members seeking an abortion. Military leaders and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have blasted Tuberville, saying that the hold harms national security and military readiness.

As lawmakers fight over how to move forward, the GOP presidential candidate wants his party to dig in.

“Our group of Republicans in the Congress should just take a stand on this. The DOD should stand down,” he

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