DEQ issues Montana Tunnels mine reclamation ultimatum


In this photo taken from an airplane flying over the Montana Tunnels’ pit in 2018, the fractures outside of the pit are visible in the lower part of the photo.

The 16-inch pipe that contains Clancy Creek along the edge of the north wall of the Montana Tunnels pit is pictured here in a photo taken in 2017. Experts say it’s not a question of “if” but “when” that land will collapse into the pit, taking the pipe containing Clancy Creek with it.


The Montana Department of Environmental Quality laid down the law last week, issuing a violation letter to the Montana Tunnels mine in Jefferson City.

The mine is considered officially abandoned or complete, the company owes a $16.8 million reclamation bond, and reclamation is overdue, said the DEQ.

Montana Tunnels Mining

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