Deputy Interior secretary touts investments in Montana infrastructure at Helena event


Tommy Beaudreau, President Joe Biden’s deputy secretary of the Interior, touted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and how it will benefit Montana during a press event in Helena Friday. 

The act, signed by Biden on Nov. 15, 2021, provides over $1 trillion for infrastructure investments across America. It includes funds for internet access, rebuilding roads and bridges, improving public transportation and delivering clean drinking water to Americans who don’t have it, among other infrastructure developments. Montana is slated to receive billions from the act. 

“It is truly an opportunity to unleash resilience initiatives, the work of the (Montana Conservation) Corps, but also demonstrate to all of us true common ground when it comes to providing for fundamental needs of the American people around basic infrastructure, resilient landscapes and good-paying jobs and opportunities to rebuild America better than ever,” Beaudreau said. 

The Friday event highlighted the bill’s investment in Montana’s wildfire preparation infrastructure. The act sets aside $23 million in funds to go toward wildfire protection in Montana over the next five years, according to a state fact sheet about the bill. 

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