Dems throw Senate fight for a (Hicken)loop

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On the roster: Dems throw Senate fight for a (Hicken)loop – Warren builds a powerhouse, but voters still nervous – Fox News poll: Huge support for checks, red flags – Trump tries to change the map with N.H. rally – Oh heeeeyyyy…

While the residents of Colorado should certainly feel free to pick whomever they like for Senate next year, we certainly hope that former Gov. John Hickenlooper isn’t through with politics, since we really just like saying his name.

Yes, Hickenlooper, who made history as the only 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to talk about having taken his mom to a porno movie, has finally tired of explaining to Iowans why he is interrupting their breakfasts and is ready to head back to the Rockies.

In his video announcing the end of his trail, Hickenlooper said that he intended to give “serious thought” to the Senate run that his fellow Democrats have for months been pointing at like airport crews directing a plane on the tarmac.

Having now picked up these subtle clues, Hickenlooper can go from impossible presidential longshot to Senate frontrunner. The long-term and short-term trends

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